Monday, February 4, 2013


The Psychology course I'm taking is online only...meaning the only time I will have to go to campus for this class is to take the final.  I had a quiz I needed to take today.  The study guide simply said to watch the "Dog Video" and then take the quiz.

We'd been studying behavior, so I assumed the video would be about Pavlov's Dogs or something similar. Turns out it was a 3 minute video on this dog with narcolepsy, and the quiz was to write a paragraph summarizing the video.  ::::blink blink::::  That's it?  Boom!  Done with that!

Moving on!

Patrick and I were going to hike/walk today, but he's not feeling great.  He has a doctor appointment this afternoon to get checked out.  I think I'll ride the exercise bike instead.  We did a great 5.39 mile hike yesterday in the WIND and hoo-boy, that took it out of us!  We've done that same exact hike a dozen (or more) times before, but the wind added SO much resistance that we were WIPED out, and seriously thirsty for the rest of the day.

We had fun watching the Super Bowl last night and didn't *really* care who won.  Patrick is a big Ravens fan, but we all are from the SF Bay Area, so we're Niners fans too.  It was an exciting game to watch! There were a few fun commercials but I couldn't help but feel they were mostly lack-luster.  I enjoyed the Clydesdale one, the "God Made a Farmer" one, and the Taco Bell/senior citizen one.  The Doritos screaming goat one made me giggle, and the GoDaddy one made me throw up in my mouth.

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