Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Duke visit

We got to do a neat thing with Shannon this past weekend.

Due to her great ACT scores, she was invited to a grand recognition ceremony at Duke University. It was so cool! Not only was it surreal to take my 13 year old to college, but it really awakened in Shannon the possibilities for her future.

Shannon absolutely adored the Duke campus. She'd go there in a heartbeat if they accepted her (and gave her a scholarship, lol.) We were invited to a "It's not too early to begin thinking about college admittance" seminar. We learned that ONE year at Duke costs $53,000. HELLO! But anything's possible, so we're letting Shan shoot for the moon, y'know? You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, so we'll let her dream and goal, and figure out it later.

There is NO way we can afford to send her there. But letting her dream, and work toward her goals may just lead her to the path to get there. It may also lead her to a different school, and that's fine too! I think this trip really was a touchstone for Shannon though, and it was neat to see that come alive in her.

I'm loving being on this journey with her. I have no idea where she'll end up, but I know we'll have fun getting there.

Here are pictures from our trip. Check them out...I had NO idea how beautiful Duke was! (Plus, my kid's kinda cute too, lol.)

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Jenny said...

Following you back!

Finding out how much college costs makes me think we need to step up our kids college funds. Yikes!

Enjoy your weekend (or should I say summer). I am a teacher so I am looking forward to some "down time" at home as well!