Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two awesome, but completely unrelated photos

Hi peeps!

I've got one Mother's Day Tea to go! After's pretty much smooth sailing. I'm midway through student assessments, but those are "easy" for me. End of year programs and parties are being planned, but's all well in-hand. Phew. Less than two weeks to go. Yippee!

Yesterday as Patrick got home from running errands, he thought he saw a bird on our front door. Which is weird, would a BIRD literally be ON the front door? He approached, and it flew to one of our flowerbeds. It was a moth. A moth with a 6-8 INCH wingspan! Holy moly. This is only a cell phone pic, since that's all P had on him...but look at this thing!

Gigantic moth that was on our front door when we got home.

While I was at preschool, one of the kids had to use the potty. OK, fine. We have a bathroom attached right to our classroom, so we sent him in to go. We heard him flush, and heard the water go on for him to wash his hands. All good things. Well then we kinda got distracted with Mother's Day Tea prep, and realized a couple minutes later that the water was STILL running. We opened the door, and saw a very happy and very WET little boy doing what I can only call a "bubble dance" at the sink. His hands were waving over his head, and bubbles were flying EVERYWHERE! Hilarious! Of course we talked to him about not wasting soap and water, and that the sink was not a toy...but, it was the funniest thing!

Why 2-year-olds shouldn't be left alone very long in the bathroom, lol.

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