Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lots of things!

Baby Charlie's open-heart surgery is on Friday. His parents (who are our friends from church) have asked for lots of prayers for their sweet boy. Will you please help?

These are the specific requests of the family:
  • For successful surgery.
  • For the Lord to guide the surgeon's hands.
  • Very minimal pain for our sweetie.
  • Quick, infection-free healing.
  • Peace for Mommy,Daddy and all family and friends.

Thank you so much!

We've had a super-neat thing happen in our family. I don't know if you were a reader back when I posted this post about wishing for $16 million to buy some "family land." Well, something cool has, I haven't found $16 million, lol...but check this out!

A woman in CA's husband died at Thanksgiving time last year. Just a short time ago, she took an "old guitar" off their wall and took it to a music shop to see how old or valuable it might be. It was etched with the name "CB Irwin" on the back, which guided the shop owner to my family.

The lady has invited a member of our family to receive the guitar back into the family so it can be added to Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum, which is creating an Irwin wing.

This is SUPER exciting to us!!! I hope you'll read THE's pretty neat!

One party down, one to go! Then, summer! Woot!


Danielle said...

Prayers being sent.

Stephanie M. Page said...

Praying friend!! Exciting stuff!!!! =)