Monday, May 3, 2010

Too good to not post!

About a week ago, we got some encouraging news.

Patrick had been referred to Emory to meet with a neurologist. (His 4th neurologist, not including a pain treatment center, and a headache specialist.) That appointment was last week. The news is that this doctor feels that Patrick has suffered trauma to his trigeminal nerve. He was "complimentary" (wrong word) of all the treatments Patrick has had...but listed a number of treatment options to still be explored. We're not so much hopeful yet...but definitely encouraged to hear there are still things to try.

Over the past 3-1/2 years, we've followed treatment plans and ultimately gotten to the point where each doctor has said "I'm sorry...that's all I can do for you, let me refer you to someone else." To hear a doctor say "Yes! There's lots more we can do" is just such an encouraging bit of news. I couldn't say we were hopeful yet...but definitely encouraged.

But then today happened!

We already have some good news with Patrick's new treatment!!! He had his regular chiropractor appointment this morning...the first since his neuro appt. last week. He told the chiro about the neuro's suspicion that he has trigeminal nerve damage.

The chiro did some simple tests, and basically confirmed it! With P's eye closed, he alternated touching points on his face with either a blunt or sharp object. On the right side of P's face, in the trigeminal nerve areas (there are 3 main ones)...P got them wrong!

This is amazing news. For THE FIRST time since P's accident, doctors have been able to isolate a possible source, and P's symptoms have matched up exactly. Now...we just have to find the treatment that will work...but this is AMAZING news.


Stacy's Snippets said...

Cindy! This is fantastic. I will pray that the doctors are able to come up with a treatment plan that will work.

Keep us posted!!!

Just Me said...

Yay! I rejoice with you today!! I am praying right now that the doctors have continues wisdom, and healing comes!!!