Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anybody got $16 million?

Because I want to buy THIS piece of land.

The Y-6 Ranch was originally owned by my great great uncle, C.B. Irwin. I grew up hearing family stories about CB, and the Irwin Brothers Wild West show, etc. I met my great-aunt, who had met CB...so the stories were just amazing, and first-hand.

I am the last of the Irwin line. Oh, how I wish I could keep this physical connection to my past.

From the website...

History and Potential:
The Y-6 Ranch was originally homesteaded in the late 1800's by CB Irwin and his family. When CB mentioned to his wife they needed to come up with a brand for their cattle and that the brand must have a “6” in it, she replied, “Why 6?” - for our 6 family members - hence, the beginning of the Y-6 brand. CB was one of Wyoming’s early colorful characters. An Indian agent, railroad detective, rancher and race horse breeder; he had his own Wild West show and helped start Cheyenne Frontier Days. CB’s friend, Will Rogers, visited the Y-6 Ranch often and CB was an acquaintance of Tom Horn, one of Wyoming’s most famous outlaws, he even sang at Tom Horn’s hanging. CB owned the bucking horse which eventually became the symbol of Wyoming and which today adorns the state’s license plates. The horse’s name, Steamboat, was after one of the many natural landmarks on the ranch, namely Steamboat Rock. Since 1935, five generations of the Petsch family have owned and operated the Y-6 Ranch.

If anyone is super interested, lol...Anna Lee Waldo (author of Sacajawea) wrote this book...Prairie about CB's life.


Just Me said...

How cool to have that kind of history! I am saying a prayer right now that you could keep the land....

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Oh, my. What an amazing history your family has. You are blessed. I can see why you would want to keep the land in the family!