Monday, August 20, 2012

College Student

Well, it's official! I'm a college student.

Yesterday I got my textbooks and book-bag ready.

This morning, I took our family's traditional "first day of school" photo.

And honey and I headed off to school! Here I am in the library, before my Math class.

I was a bit nervous, just because this is so new, and so important to me. I mean, I quit my job to do this...and now, here I was about to begin! But, everything was fine. I talked to two "strangers" in class, and they were both very nice. I wasn't the oldest one there, and the girl across the aisle from me had a Hello Kitty backpack. (I adore Hello Kitty.) I showed her my HK pencil case, and we both smiled. So, it was a success! Tomorrow I have English, and then Anatomy & Physiology.

Patrick and I hit a "milestone" tonight. We did our daily walk, and it put us across the 100 mile mark since July 15th! Woot! We're a few days behind our "plan," but that can't be helped now. We just keep moving forward!

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