Saturday, August 18, 2012

Five Question Friday

I've been a hit and miss blogger over the spring and summer. I had some big things happening, that I just couldn't widely share until the people in my life that were affected found out first.  These happenings were so big and consuming so many of my thoughts, that if I couldn't blog about them, I didn't want to blog at all!  But now that EVERYBODY knows that I've left my job and am going back to school...and now about my Dad's illness...NO MORE SECRETS!

I'm so happy to be able to come back to blogging.  It's a great way for me to record my days, my feelings, etc.  Plus I love the friends I've made online.  So...I'm baaaaack!

And just in time to join in on Mama M's Five Question Friday!

Here come the questions!

1. What's the one thing you buy every time you walk into the store?  Soy Milk, eggs, lunch meat, cheese, frozen waffles

2. If you had a day all to yourself how would you spend it?  I would sleep in, go for a hike by my favorite river and then sit on the rocks.  I'd take myself out to eat, and then come home and give myself a pedicure.  In the evening, I'd have a couple drinks and either watch chick movies or read a book.

3. Are you a speed limit driver? If not, over or under? I tend to drive the speed limit.

4. What's your favorite dessert to make, homemade or from a mix??  I love to make this "Apple Cheese Danish Braid."  It's easy, delicious, and everyone loves it.  It's home-made...but you use crescent rolls.  Not sure if that counts, lol.

5. Would you rather have a spider or a mouse scurry across your face (no copping out and saying "neither!!")? Oh Em Gee.  This is nearly impossible.  I guess I'm going to have to choose a mouse.  The idea of a spider on my face nearly makes me hyper-ventilate!  The notion of a mouse on my face is horrifying as well, for the record, lol!


Kate said...

Ew a mouse scurrying across your face....!!! GRODY!!

Looking forward to reconnecting! Are you back on twitter?

Cindy said...

LOL, a spider's just as bad!!! Both make me want to barf!

I don't tweet much...but I'm hoping to blog more and more.

Funky Kim said...

Dood. You need to work on your counting skills. Go back to question #1 and rethink your answer.

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

Welcome back.