Friday, August 17, 2012


We had to take a couple days off from our walking schedule.  Patrick got a sore foot, and he needed to rest it.  We had chiro appointments today, and the dr. confirmed that nothing is broken, but probably plantar fasciitis.  I KNOW how bad that hurts.  Poor man!

Anyway, we hiked 3.9 miles today, which brings us to 88 miles this month!!!  We "should" be at 100 to be on-target...but I think 88 is pretty darn awesome.

On the day we started, I had Patrick take a picture of me.  Now that it's a month later, I had him take another one.  Let's see if there's any visible difference.  I have lost 8.8 lbs.

This is me on July 15, 2012...our first day of walking:


And, here I am today...August 17, 2012, after a month of walking.  88 miles:


I'm not sure I see a difference...but I know I'm stronger.

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Audra said...

Your waist is widdling away!! You look great!! WTG!!