Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A/C Update and I got my surgery date!

So the A/C guy came out this afternoon, and our unit just blew a capacitor. He had just taken a working one of another dead unit...so he gave it to us, and we only had to pay for the house call. SWEET! Now we're wondering if our thermostat is on the blink, too. It's definitely cool in here, but the thermostat isn't showing it. We've replaced the battery, turned it off and on...but Meh. It still says 80. Dumb thing. At least we're comfortable now.

I guess this is good news, but I'm still in the processing stage. I got a surgery date of July 27th. I really was hoping for an earlier date, so I'd be all nice and recovered before I had to report back to work. Sigh. No dice. July 27th is the earliest that both my OB and Urologist are available to do it. I need to get back into my "Yay! Hysterectomy!" frame of mind, because truly I. CANNOT. WAIT.

I'm going to have to work some stuff out with my work. I think I will go in mid-July and set up my classroom. And hopefully I can take some days off or work shorter hours at first. (The kids don't return until after Labor Day, but I have to report for pre-planning on 8/11.) I'm going to have faith that it will all work out the way it's supposed to.

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