Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rabbit, rabbit!

June, already? How in the world does time continue to speed up? I swear, it moves at double the time it used to!

I had a "stellar" evening last night...no sleep whatsoever. Literally...I did not sleep. Finally at 6:20 I got up and took my shower. No sense laying there trying to go to sleep when it's already light out!

I've had a few things I've needed to update on my blog, so I figured I'd sit here in my quiet house and do that! It's either that, or exercise...so yeah. I think I'll update my blog, lol!

Back in April, Patrick and I got new tattoos. I got a beautiful piece on my foot that I just love. Wanna see?

Isn't it pretty? Now that I've finally shown it to you, guess what? I went Sunday afternoon and got it touched up, and changed a little bit! So argh! I still don't have a good up to date photo of it! Give me a week and I'll take another one. Foot tattoos, and all-black tattoos can have a tendency to heal a bit patchy (you can even see a bit of that in the picture of mine)...so I went and had it re-filled. There was also one part of it that bothered me a little bit, that I had the artist change. It's just more aesthetically appealing to me now. Yay!

Next order of business: Last night we went to an Alice in Wonderland Midnight Tea Party! It was a lot smaller than we'd been led to believe it would be...but Shannon and her friend dressed up and still had a good time. Plus, we got the movie at midnight, and they served cake...what else could we possibly need?

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And finally...I mentioned last week that I had a doctor appointment coming up, and that I was hoping for good news. I got good news! It may not sound like good news to hear that I'll be having a hysterectomy this summer, but to me? Music to my ears. I'm getting some other issues taken care of too, so I have one other doctor to see, but then I can get on the surgery schedule. Woot! I hope to be able to hear from the scheduler today...tomorrow at the latest.

I think that's it for now. Shannon and I are both off school for the summer now. Woohoo! I'll still be babysitting on Mondays and Fridays throughout the summer, but by and large...I'm a free bear!

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Stephanie M. Page said...

Yay for summer!! hmmm nice tattoo, my sister was just talking about gettig one on her foot, was it a sensitive place??

AND I did like letters to Juliet. It was a cute movie...ummm....it is definately a girl movie so I am glad I didn't go with my hubby. So if you are going with girls it would be worth it...otherwise I would wait for it on video. =)