Saturday, June 5, 2010

Big Stuff

We got Shannon's end-of-year report card and her CRCT scores in the mail today. She got all A's (again, lol) and tested nearly perfectly! She missed two questions in the math section, but NOTHING else. Oh my gosh! She just truly amazes me. She had told us that her science teacher mentioned that Shannon had gotten a perfect score in the science section...but we hadn't heard about any of the other subjects. That girl is just astounding.

I'm going to do a brief recap here, because this blog relatively new.

We relocated to Atlanta almost 11 years ago. We were born and raised there, and our families still live there. My parents are in their mid-70's and my dad's health is beginning to deteriorate. They live off a dirt road, WAY out in the woods. They have a solar powered house, with a well, and propane appliances. Let's put it this way, their entire COUNTY has no stoplights! Yes, in California! I bet you didn't know places like that still exist in CA! They do!

Anyway, after my dad's scary blacking out while driving accident last fall, I have been planting the seed for them to move out here. Their doctor in CA is FIVE HOURS from their house. That's just not OK. My brother and sister are five hours from their house. I've been working on them for several years, actually...but since the accident, it's been easy for them to see why it would be a good idea.

Today? My parents listed their home for sale. They are definitely coming! Let the fun begin, lol!


Stephanie M. Page said...

Way to go Shannon, Way to go Cindy! =) Have a happy Sunday friend!! muah!

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Very good! Yes, their place is so not safe...You are so right! Happy they are getting ready to move :)

Kayla Sue said...

Thanks for the recap! I am new to your blog and look forward to reading more:)

drea said...

How exciting for you... and your parents!

Good job Shannon!!

Thanks for the warm welcome back. We'll see how my sanity holds up in the AZ heat.

Nicolasa said...

How awesome!!!