Saturday, June 12, 2010

Out from under

We're taking steps in our life to get "out from under." Out from under debt, out from under looming court dates (P's SS court), out from under my health concerns...stuff like that. It feels SO good to be free.

We've decided to sell our beloved pop-up camper. With my upcoming surgery this summer, we knew we wouldn't be doing much, if any camping this summer...and our house needs painting. We figure we can sell the camper now, use the money to paint the house, and save up for another (with A/C) camper by next summer. Sounds perfect to me. We just put up the ad on Craigslist...I hope it goes quick, lol!

Shannon's having a great time on her trip so far. She's seeing amazing stuff, and LOVING it! (When she gets home, I'll tell ya where she's been! If you're my friend on FB or IRL, you already know.) She got a blister on her foot yesterday, so hopefully that's not hurting her too much today.

Patrick and I went on a date last night. Just dinner and an ice cream...but it was so fun. I love that boy.

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