Monday, June 14, 2010

Mom n Me Monday

Shoot! I just went to link up for "Mom N Me Monday" and found that it's on hiatus for the summer. I had just typed up this post, so you're gonna get it anyway! LOL!

As you all know, I recently got a Droid, and I'm still LOVING playing with all it's features, etc. It was time for Shannon's yearly check-up this week, and so when our doctor was running a little late...I pulled it out and we took selfies. (Remember when your kids were babies, and you took them for "well baby" checks? It made me smile that on our insurance paper, this visit was listed as "well adolescent" check. Hahaha!) And then, I LOVE our doctor. She sat and talked to us for a HALF HOUR. Just chatting with Shannon about school, books, her summer plans, etc. And then, Shan's physical was like another 30 minutes. She spent a full hour with us, and it was fabulous. I know so many people hate Kaiser, but I have to say...I have never had a bad experience, and I'm so grateful.

On to the pictures! Normal, and then...not so much normal. :-)


Amy L said...

You know... I have always said that Shannon is your twin, but I think I'm revising my opinion. She looks so much like Patrick here!!!

Funky Kim said...

Which one is the normal pic?

Stephanie M. Page said...

You guys are SO-O cute!

Crayon Wrangler said...

I am laughing WITH Kim...which one is normal *giggle* Great pics, thanks for sharing them.

Thank you for stopping by my FF vlog Blair Witch style and for your fun comment! Hope to see you around!