Friday, June 4, 2010

Easily confused

This has been the first full week of our summer vacation, and twice I've had to be reminded what day it was. Wow, that was quick, lol!

Shannon and I are babysitting today, and Patrick is off to the tattoo convention in Atlanta. He's never been to one, and thought it would be fun. He took his camera...if he finds anything awesome, I'll be sure to share!

I'm wanting to go into my surgery as healthy as possible, so this week I've been making better food choices, and getting more exercise. I've had plantar fasciitis flare-ups a few times in my adult life...but after my workout on Wednesday, my foot told me in NO uncertain terms that jogging is NOT the sport for me. Dang. I was all excited with my new C25K app on the Droid and everything! I immediately started doing my foot stretching exercises and icing it etc, and thankfully it's letting up. But I've switched to our elliptical machine and swimming for the cardio workouts.

I'm super excited that we have NO plans for this weekend. You know how it goes at the end of school? Every single weeknight and weekend is crammed with activities? So tiring! I'm planning to veg out and LOVE every minute of it!


Funky Kim said...

Where do I find the C25K app for my droid????

Cindy said...

I searched for "Couch to 5K" and it came up. There's a free one, and one you have to pay for.