Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A big day for us

Thursday's an important day for our family, and I'd love if you'd keep us in your prayers.

First, Shannon and her Girl Scout troop are traveling. It's a long road-trip (10+ hour one-way), and while I'm not really worried about them being gone, I know I'll breathe a sigh of relief when I've heard they have arrived safely. She'll be gone til late, late Monday night. So if you could just keep good thoughts for these 9 girls and 4 adults...I'd really appreciate it.

Second, Patrick has a court date tomorrow for his Social Security benefits. As is common with lots of disability cases, his first application was denied, referred to an attorney, and like I said...his day in court is tomorrow. From what I understand, we are going to be OK whatever happens...we have disability insurance, so we'll continue to get paid. Tomorrow is just to determine if SS will pay any of the benefits, or if it just stays with the insurance company. But any time court is involved...I just have a bit of nerves. Please pray everything goes OK.

As for me? I'm fine, lol. Just keeping on, keeping on! Thank you for your good thoughts. I will update as I know things!

8:20 am update: Just got word that the girls JUST crossed into South Carolina, and also just got word from Patrick that he's arrived safely, and about to walk in.

Not sure I need to keep doing updates, since no one's commenting, lol...but when I look back at this post, it'll be nice to read it all together. So...

2:45 update: Patrick's court went wonderfully. I prayed that it would go well, but that God's will be done. If it couldn't go well, that at least we'd feel God's presence. Well, it could NOT have gone better! The judge suffered from migraines/trigeminal nerve damage for 15 years! He completely understood P's pain, and ruled that SS will pay P's benefits, etc. Like I said earlier, if SS wasn't to pay our benefits, we would still get paid through our disability insurance...but it is wonderful to have P feel validated, and be able to have an empathetic judge. Talk about feeling!

Oh, and for the record...the judges pain just alleviated over time, no particular treatment helped him either. So it's good news that their could be an end in sight, the bad news is...the judge's pain last 12 more YEARS than we're at right now. So...we'll just keep swimming and pursuing treatment options.

As for Shannon, I haven't heard from her since 11am, but I assume they're doing fine!

7:30...Shannon has arrived safe and sound!

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Stephanie M. Page said...

Hey friend, so glad all went well today...I just realized I never told you how you can pray for can pray that my business takes off and that God blesses it! =) loves!! and prayers!