Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm a lucky girl

I'm wanting to write and write, but after a week on pain meds and muscle relaxants, my brain is just muddled.

This week has really illustrated for me though, just how blessed I am. I have so much to be grateful for.
  • Patrick and Shannon have been such tender and attentive care-takers. They adjust my pillows, bring me snacks, keep track of when it's time for me to have medicine, etc.
  • My work friends have called and sent home little care packages.
  • I have good AND affordable health care.
  • I have a comfortable home and a snuggly bed in which to recover.
  • The parents of my two girlies that I babysit have been wonderfully understanding.
I feel loved.


Audra said...

It looks great, Cindy!! I hope you feel better soon!

drea said...

Love the new blog, and photo. I've been busy this last week, but I see a lot has happened. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Well wishes sending your way. ;)
Take care.


Heather said...

Hey, Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! :-)
I am sorry about your injury...I read your post that explains it. That looks like it would hurt!!
I hope you recover quickly.
It is great that you came up with things to be thankful for!

Kate said...

Hey girl - glad you're on the mend and I'm LOVING your blog's fancy new look!

Juliana said...

Hope your neck feels better soon!

I am a new reader from the FF list. Please come follow back if you would like. I am doing some great giveaways right now and have some great ones coming up! Nice to meet you!

Jo said...

Hi, Cindy, Jo here. I wanted to thank you so much for stopping by my secondary blog, '90 Days', and leaving such a kind comment.

I'm sorry to read that you've suffered an injury but am so glad that you have an amazing support system around you (the comfy bed sounds delicious, too!).

I'm happy to become a new follower and wish you a complete and quick recovery.

Please stop by and visit my regular blog, too ('90 Days' is only temporary -- my lil' experiment!): 'The End Of The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy'.

I hope your situation improves for you -- once upon a time I didn't think so, but there is hope, I promise.

Thanks again for the hi my way -- hope to see more of you.

Peace and serenity,

Amber Stoneburner said...

Love the new blog make over! That picture of you, woo!~ You are looking so beautiful girl! Hope you feel better soon.