Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It takes skill

So a few people have asked me how exactly you can hit your head and sprain your neck. I'm just special that way, folks!

Actually, I was at work...having an indoor snowball fight with my class (using cotton balls). Some of the cotton balls had flown out the top of my classroom door, which looks like this:

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I went out of my classroom, shut the door, and then I bent down to pick up the cotton balls...and I'm pretty sure you can see where this is going. I stood up, quickly bringing the top/back of my head up underneath that shelf on the door. I immediately "saw stars" and got a head ache, but really didn't realize I could have hurt my neck. I just went back to work, y'know?

Later in the afternoon, my head still ached a lot, so I took ibuprofen...and again on Saturday morning I took more. It wasn't until Saturday afternoon that my neck began to ache...and then it was just all downhill from there.

As of right now, the meds are helping me get some mobility back...but I'm still very sore and can't do much for myself. Patrick and Shannon are taking wonderful care of me.

A funny note I don't want to forget: Patrick needed to pick up a few groceries, so he had me ride along in the car to WalMart this morning. On the way home, we saw one of those "Smart Cars." You know those itty-bitty roller-skate looking things? (We "joke" that not only are they a car, but if you get into an accident in them, they double as your coffin. OK, maybe that's not that funny....) Anyway, we saw one...and it's license plate was "OMGTINY" Hahahaha!

OK...I can only sit up/read for a few minutes at a time...so I'm off for now.


♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Oh my goodness girl! I am so sorry that happened to you! I hope you feel better really soon.

Thank you SO very much for the sweet comment on my crazy woman post. I mean, my vulnerable post. It's really hard to be that vulnerable, and harder to not go back & delete it. BUT if it helps one person. You know? Anyway, I really do appreciate your sweet comments. :)

P.S. LOVE that door!! So cute! But yes, kind of a hazard. :)

Cop Mama said...

Oh my goodness that sounds painful! But totally something I would do...lol! Glad you're ok!