Thursday, March 18, 2010

Almost Friday, Almost Friday, Almost Friday

What a week! Nothing bad...just long and busy. But at least it was long. Gah.

Daddy's Breakfasts are now behind me, and I've turned in the art show artwork for both of my classes.

I need to finish up my auction piece, do my Easter unit, and do my yearbook pages. I CAN DO IT!

I'm still waiting for my Beth Moore book to arrive so I can get started on that Bible study. I'm getting impatient!

Our pet turtle got adopted by a local school today, so we're back "down" to 9 pets, lol. We accepted Squirt from some friends of ours whose daughters were "done" with her.... She was very neat, but she wasn't as much fun as we like from our pets. We had her for about 2 years, but are totally fine with someone else getting some enjoyment from her now.

I renewed my CPR certification this's always a sobering class for me. I mentioned it, and the instructor said "Yes, but at least now you're prepared," which of course is true...I just hope and pray I never need to use it. In the 10+ years I've been in preschools, I've rescued 2 choking students, and dealt with one previously unknown allergic reaction...and that is plenty! Oh yeah, one girl also bit almost completely through her tongue...that's my worst "first aid" story. I don't need any more than that, lol!!!

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Danielle said...

Oh my. That is always why I agree teachers need to be paid more. That is a lot to handle.