Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taking Care of Cindy Day

I found myself in an interesting, and very unusual situation today. My daughter is away at a Confirmation Retreat until tomorrow afternoon. This weekend is the NASCAR race in Atlanta, so I sent my hubby off for the truck race. (We love racing, but money is this is a cheaper way for him to get in on some of the action, lol!) Suddenly...I found myself...alone. Yep. ALONE!

To be honest, I kinda didn't know what to do with myself! I considered taking a nap, since that's one of my very most favorite things...but I'd just gotten up. There is housework to be done, but even I could see that that's kind of a lame thing to do when you have some time to yourself. I was chatting with one of my BFF's, Tricia (who really HAS to start blogging again, and now that I've outed her, maybe she will!), and she said that I needed a "Taking Care of Cindy Day." I really have no practice in being good to myself (something I must work on!), so she explained the beauty of "retail therapy." A little shopping, a fun snack, maybe a pedicure? Hmmm...this idea had merit.

I put on some fun music, and got showered and ready. I told Tricia I'd send her picture messages as I went through my day. As I was sending them to her, I realized they'd make a fun I'm going to share them with you!

Here I am, fresh out of the shower and ready for my fun day:

I stepped outside, and was delighted by what a beautiful day it was! My car told me it was 54 degrees, and not a cloud in the sky. Perfect!

Tricia had mandated loud, fun music throughout my I showed her my choice. 80's music! When I first turned it on, "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger was on. Woot!

Proof of me singing along, lol!

I live kinda way out in the it takes about 20 minutes to get into town. I was happy to still see (you have to REALLY look close) snow on our (one) big hilltop! (They call that a mountain here! (I know, I know.))
Can't see the snow? Take my word for it. It was there.

Actually...look here. These people's yard must get NO sun, ever. This snow fell on Tuesday!

Aaah...the land of enchantment. I had decided what with sandal season rapidly approaching, a pedicure would probably be a good idea. But! I have no flip I better hit Target first to get some.

Hmmm, these don't look like flip flops! I have a huge weakness for purses and bags, so of course, they caught my eye on the way to the shoe section. I let Tricia help me pick between pink and teal. I found a super cute wallet that would look great with the teal one, and HAPPY DAY, that's the one she liked best!

See the cute wallet? It has two zip-open sections...and will hold EVERYTHING!
Hmm, it's WAY cuter in person. Maybe I'll have to take another pic of it, lol.

OK, back to the flip flops. So many to choose from! I wish I was a little bitty girl, they had the EXACT ones that I wanted...but alas, I'm a big grown up girl, so I got ones I liked a lot. You'll have to wait til my post-pedi pics to see what they look like.

Back into the "fun music" car...and over to the nail place.

This NEVER happens. I walked in, and there was NO ONE there. I picked my color, and sat down for my pedi! Wow!

Ahhh...40 minutes in the massage chair, and I'm feeling MUUUUCH better. Here is the color I picked. It's called "Ladies and Magenta-lmen." Cute, huh? While I was sitting there, two ladies came in (separately.) They got seated one on each side of me. As my lady was painting my nails, they both exclaimed what a cute color it was, and that they were going to use it instead of the colors THEY had picked! Go me!

Here are my cute, ready for Spring feet.

What? You can't see my shoes? Let me show you a better view:
Cute foot, cute shoe, and REALLY dirty van!

By now, I was starting to get hungry. I didn't really want to eat out though, because we got Chinese take-out last night, and there were yummy leftovers at home. So, as I drove home, I was thinking about what I wanted to do with the rest of my "Taking Care of Cindy Day." Hmmm. Some internet surfing (and this post), my chinese food, clean sheets...because honestly? What's better on freshly shaved (and massaged) legs, than clean sheets? a movie? yummy dessert? Yes please to all of the above! I need to move into my new purse too...soo fun!

I stopped and rented a movie (The Hangover), got home, and then stripped the beds. I put fresh sheets on ours,
and then got my food together. I've sat and eaten it while I played on FB a bit.

Patrick has called to say his race is over, and he is heading home. I think I'll wait til he gets home to start the movie, just in case he wants to see it too. He had surprised me by going to our FAVORITE local doughnut place this morning, and got me theeee most amazing looking doughnut. OMG I can't wait to eat it. I just ran out right now and took a picture of it. Look!
It's a Chocolate Peanut Butter Bismarck. Good heavens.

I have to say...I feel refreshed! I feel like I've shaken off some of the drudgery I've been feeling. I've treated myself to a few simple things that I love, and I can really feel it! I am worth taking care of! Thank you, Tricia...for reminding me!

PS - I have more answers to your questions...I'm planning to post those tomorrow morning!


Just Me said...

Oh what a heavenly day! Good for you for treating yourself!! Thanks a bunches for sharing it with me, I feel like I got to experience it with you. Super cute toes, super cute purse, super cute wallet. yummy yummy yumm!

Booklover1212 said...

What a wonderful day!!! I'm so jealous!! Love the teal bag too! Too bad I'm still toting around a diaper bag. LOL!!

Enjoy your evening AND the movie -- hubby & I LOVED it!

~ Jennifer

Kate said...

I love this post!! I feel like I got to tag along with you on your day!

More of these please!!!

HD said...

Thanks Cindy--Your new blog look is great too! (o:

Colleen said...

So awesome!!! I think I need a Taking Care of Colleen Day.