Saturday, March 20, 2010


Shannon and I set out yesterday afternoon for an adventure. We got home from school, and it was a gorgeous 70 degree afternoon. We both had the "itch" to go somewhere. Patrick said it was fine, so we packed an overnight bag and hit the road.

We got about 40 minutes from home, and guilt set in, lol. Spring Break is in about 2-1/2 weeks, and we realized we were being frivolous. She has her new (to us) piano, and we have our new we really need to get away? Nah. I realized that I got a quick case of Spring Fever and just got all twitterpated. We had no destination in mind, so we decided to hold off until Spring Break. Shannon *really* wants to go to Nashville, and see their version of the Parthenon. I think we'll do an overnight, and do that.

So, we turned around at the Georgia National Cemetery. We got out and looked around. Very neat. Seems like it's a new-ish place...lots of room for more graves. Sobering, but also a proud place.

GA National Cemetery

Once we were headed back, we called Patrick to tell him our change of plans. Since it was dinner-time, we arranged to meet him at Red Robin...and used one of my teacher appreciation gift cards.

Each spring, my preschool incubates and hatches out a brood of chicks. They started hatching on Thursday, so I asked Shannon if she wanted to go by to see them. She said yes. So, after dinner, Patrick went home and I took Shan by the school.

Here is a chick...NEWLY hatched:

Freshly hatched 3/19

Cute chicks hatched the previous day:

Hatched 3/18

A chick and a chick:

A chick holding a chick



Once we finally got back home, Patrick and I took a nap. LOVELY. At 11:30 we all drove up to WalMart and waited in a LONG line...with balloons and buy New Moon! Once we got it, we came home and tried to watch it. We lasted until about 2:30 am, but then...Zzzzzzz. Slept in this morning, and then made pancakes.

Today's been a day of housework and enjoying the beautiful weather. Happy Spring!!! The best news of the day? My Beth Moore book finally arrived!!! Check this out: It took quite awhile...10 or so days to arrive. I was starting to get irritated! Today when it came, it was in a handwritten manila envelope. Inside the envelope, it was very obviously again, hand-wrapped in brown paper. Inside the paper, was a hand-written "Thank You!" on the receipt. My irritation is gone. I'm glad my order obviously went through a small business, and that they appreciated my patronage.

Now! On to the reading!


Danielle said...

Those baby chicks are too cute!! How neat that you all do that every year.

We usually head to Nashville once a year. Have yet to been any this year but we still plan too.

Happy Spring!

Alison said...

We did that in school!! I totally remember doing it and I loved it. I still remember doing it. And they even hatched while we were.