Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Redeemed, lol

Wow, thanks for all the wonderful questions! I am working on some wonderful answers, lol!!!

We had a snow day today, and since I have a cold...we've stayed in our jammies...snuggling, and watching movies. Right now we're watching Gilmore Girls, season 5. (No spoilers please!!! This is our first time through the series. A good friend knew we'd love the show, and has the whole series on DVD. She lent it to us, and we made it into season 4, and then her daughter went off to college and took them with her! The nerve, lol!!! Patrick surprised me with all 7 seasons on DVD for Christmas! The even bigger surprise was that he'd paid attention to my couponing, and gotten each season for $11 brand new! They're normally $45 a piece! You go boy!)

Anyway...that was a long tangent. We're snuggled up, watching Gilmore Girls and eating hot ham & cheese sandwiches. I will get some answers posted soon! Yay!

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Danielle said...

Can't wait for your question post. Hope you get to feeling better!!