Friday, March 12, 2010


So, first of all...Happy Friday! My goodness, this was a long, busy week! Phew! I'm tired!

March is one of my busiest months at the preschool...during this month we celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday, St. Patrick's Day, prepare and host a Daddy's Breakfast, Prepare art and auction piece for a show that will occur in April, prepare for and celebrate Easter (our spring break falls so that we return to school AFTER Easter, so we have to celebrate it at the end of March), and lay-out, complete, and turn in my yearbook pages. I also have 4 student birthdays to celebrate this month. Writing it looks very manageable (and I'm on top of it), but it's a lot. If I can survive March, I'm home-free the rest of this school-year. LOL! Seriously!

I'm taking caffeine out of my diet. I've been having heart palpitations at night when I lie down. It's like a very strong heartbeat, that sort of flip-flops. I did some googling, and while there ARE scary things it *could* be, it also could be simple things like too much caffeine, or anxiety. I realize I just posted about my anxiety level...but that's more of a morning thing for me (always has been), and my intuition is just really leading me to the caffeine.'s out. Probably another reason I'm feeling pooped, lol!

I have a very happy daughter tonight. The assistant director of our preschool is selling us her piano, and is willing to take payments! This is so wonderful, and such a blessing. It's an "old" piano...about 40 years, but it's been this woman's piano the whole time! Her parents bought it new for her when she was a child! Isn't that neat? We're contacting the piano mover tomorrow, and will arrange to bring it home! Shannon is absolutely beside herself!

This will be a sleeping in, but then busy days weekend. I have a lot of prep to do for next week at school. (Daddy breakfasts are Monday and Tuesday) I need to finish up the kids cards for Daddy, plus complete their gifts. I need to buy the paper products for the breakfasts. Finally, I need to do my shopping list for the party food and then prep it all. Shannon's got a birthday party to go to on Sunday afternoon, and then of course we have church/bible study, etc. So...sleeping in? YES! But after that...busy, busy, busy!

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Stacy said...

Hey there Cindy. I thought you might like this blog today She's one of my favorite blogging gals. Anyway, her post made me think of you and your struggle that you are working on. :)

Good luck on going caffeine free. I did it about 10 years ago. It's hard at first but fortunately Utah has caffeine free coke and pepsi so that makes it a bit easier when I need a soda fix! :)