Saturday, March 27, 2010

A good laugh

This week both of my classes went to chapel. A four-year-old class acted out the Easter story...everything from Jesus entering Jerusalem, to being arrested by the Roman soldiers, to dying and being placed in the tomb. The angel appeared, the stone was rolled away...and Jesus was risen! We came back to class and talked about it during "Learning Wall" time. Our Bible verse for March is "He is risen," so we of course tied that in, sang a song, etc.

The next class time, I read a storybook of the Easter story...obviously, same key points, etc...but I was going for recognition and repetition. The kids were doing a great job, filling in the "blanks" when I would lead them with statements like "When Jesus came into the city, his friends waved _______." The kids yelled out "branches!" Good stuff.

I got to the part of the story where the stone was rolled away. Just to keep the conversation interactive, I said "Oh my goodness...that stone was so big! How could it have rolled away?" And one little boy jumped up, and with his fists balled up said "Because Jesus banged on it and said "Let me out of here!"

Let me tell took me a second to compose myself before I could keep reading!!! I love my job!

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Just Me said...

oh kids are always funny! =)