Sunday, January 17, 2010

Feeling the burn

Holy cow. I did my Shred (Day 11) workout pretty early this morning. Well, at 10:30, but early compared to when I've been doing it. It was so hard, I actually almost CRIED at one point, lol! Just out of sheer exhaustion! Makes me understand a little more what the Biggest Loser contestants must be going through, and why we see them cry so often in the gym. I'm only working out for 20 minutes, and they're going for hours and hours! I honestly can't imagine.

It makes my heart full to see things like De-Lurk for Haiti and Helping Haiti in the blogosphere. I don't have much money to help out, but generous people like this, help me make it do more. Thank you!!! Even if you've donated...but especially if you haven't, please check out these blogs (and the McLinky on De-Lurk for Haiti) to comment, etc. which will raise funds to be donated to Haitian relief efforts.

We have the day off tomorrow for MLK Day, but I'm watching E and her brother (also E) from 8:15 to 3. Gotta think of some fun stuff to do. Will go donate blood after that.

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Alison said...

I had such a hard time with level 2 in the begining also. It does get easier. It took a good 5 days. Keep up the good work.