Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day Shred

Today was a snow day! Woohoo! I'm a preschool teacher, so whenever our county schools call a snow day, our preschool follows suit. Shannon, of course, was super excited. Her BFF invited her to come over (before the roads got icy) to play in the snow, and sleep-over.

Patrick and I got up today, and once the sun came out and started to dry a bit of the roads, we went for a drive. We've always loved to go for rides in the car together, so this has become something of a tradition for us. (I'll also give a little more background here...since I have some new readers. Patrick and I dated in high school, and married one year after I graduated. This July will mark our 20th wedding anniversary. Three years ago, Patrick was injured in a car accident was is now considered permanently disabled. He deals with terrible daily pain. The past few years, in addition to trying to find relief for him, have been a tremendous journey in redefining who he is, what our roles are, etc.)

As we were heading out, we were going to stop for lunch. I said "There's Arby's, Chick-Fil-A, and Sonic...which do you want?" And he said "Which one is healthier?" My downfall is that I wasn't even THINKING healthy food...I was thinking "FUN! Snow Day Food!" So I said "Well, Chick-Fil-A has good char-grilled sandwiches. We could have that." And so we did! I thanked him for encouraging us to make a good choice.

Anyway. We picked up Shan on the way home, and then P and I took a nap. LOL! Again...gotta love a snow day. When we got up, I knew it was time to Shred. I encouraged Patrick to do it with me. (More background: Due to his disability, he's gained a lot of weight over the past three years. Probably about 80-ish pounds. It's very hard for him to do physical things, plus he spends a lot of time lying down, just trying to deal with his pain.) He said he would try it!

For me, Day 4 was a mixed bag. My legs felt really heavy, but I had more energy to push through the cardio. It's neat to feel my endurance increasing. Like I said yesterday, I can also feel that my muscles are getting stronger, it's just still hiding under the jiggle.

Patrick did great for his first try! He had to take a lot of breaks, but he kept getting up and trying again. The last 2 minute cardio bit, he had to just march in place...but I am so proud of him for doing it!!!

Bring on Day 5.


Anonymous said...

Good job on going with the healthy chicken. I would have went for the Arby's, lol!!

Andrea said...

Good Job eating Chick Fil A!! I ate pizza tonight and feel a little guilty although I didn't eat as many pieces as I normally would. Hope you have a good Friday night.

Kate said...

Good job on building your endurance! I felt mine was a bit better tonight as well and I was all WHAT THE HECK! Sweet.
Keep goin' girl - you can do this!

Steph said...

Wow!! Being married for 20 years is great! I love to hear things like that! Also..good job on eating Chick-fil-a!! Its SO good.. You sound like you are a wonderful wife to your husband. Good job on Shred!!! :)

Heather said...

thanks for visiting my blog!
Wow, good for you for working out.
That's great that you chose to eat something healthy at Chick-Fil-A (I'm from the North and have only been there once while visiting SC :)- oh and what does the name mean? I get the chick part- for chicken, what about Fil-A?).

StephF said...

Sounds like you had a great day! And I can't believe you've been married nearly 20 years!! That's great, but from your profile pic I thought you were early 20s at the oldest!! :-)