Monday, January 4, 2010

OK, this time for sure!

I'm not a loser...I'm really not. I think I just had a false-start. I think I'm just still in vacation mindset, but since I'm going back to work tomorrow, it will be easier to get on track. Suffice it to say, I didn't work out today. I've been sleeping like Crizzap, and HAD to take a nap after E went home this afternoon.

The good news is, Shannon and I took E up to preschool and got a bunch of prepwork done. I feel pretty darn ready for the kids to come tomorrow! Woot! Oh! And Patrick mailed my sister's surprise this morning. I can't wait for her to get it!

And now...the not so pretty. I may not have exercised, but I had Patrick take my before pictures. This is NOT easy for me. At. All. In fact, I'd really rather post anything BUT my pictures and weight, but I'm serious about making a change this year, and so I'm going to post them. I'm going to post pictures along the way too, but I can't decide if I should do it at certain pound increments (like 10 pounds lost, 20 pounds lost, etc.) or like...monthly? Thoughts?

OK. My starting weight is 211 lbs. I'm only 5'4", so that's WAY too much. The lowest I've EVER weighed as an "adult" was 128, and I was 18 years old. It was actually too thin for my build. Now that I'm 20 years older, and have had a child, I would be deliriously happy to weigh 145. I guess that means I need to lose 66 lbs. Ouch. The way I'm choosing to look at this is: the is the most I will EVER weigh again.

I pretty much hate looking at those pictures. I'm embarrassed and ashamed. But it is what it is...and all I can do is start fixing it. And so, off I go.


drea said...

alright, comments fixed! I'll be a cheerleader for you, if that helps.
I'm so excited to see how your journey goes. Keep it up, girl!


Kate said...

I'm SO glad your comments are fixed now! I wanted to thank you for your lovely comment on your first visit to my blog. I was really touched.

We can do this. We HAVE to do this. For ourselves, and for our children. That's what I keep telling myself.

I do not have the guts to post my pictures or weight. I think I might be the heaviest person doing this. No matter. When I see a weight difference I may then post my 'before' pic.

Saying a prayer for you today! I'm off to do Day 2 because I can't procrastinate forever!

Jackiedlc said...

Cindy so glad your joining us!!! You did it, you won the Battle.. You are on your way to being shredded..

I am here for ANY support you need, i will pray for you as i been praying for ALL the girls who started out with me yesterday...

Let's do this girl!!