Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quite a day

I got some really shocking news at work today, and it's kind of thrown me for a loop. I can't really reveal too much, because I work with children, and I'd hate for someone involved to stumble upon my blog and know I was talking about them. Mostly, my feelings are hurt and I kind of feel like I've been slapped in the face. My heart hurts for the child involved. (My boss is involved, and she is on "my side," so no worries about's just not a nice feeling.)

And then, Patrick and I had our appointment this afternoon, and things are OK...but we have some big decisions to make. I know I'm being cryptic here too, and I know it's my blog, and if I can't let my feelings out on my own blog, where can I? But again, this is just something I don't feel like I can broadcast freely. We're OK...just in the deep thoughts, and big decisions mode.

So, it's just been a heavy sort of day. Blarg.

I did my Day 9 Shred tonight, and it was easier than the past two nights. I'm actually looking forward to moving on to Level 2 on Saturday, because I HATE those lunge/bicep curls. It's not because they're hard (which they are), but I just don't feel like I'm doing them right! It's annoying! LOL! I checked my weight this morning, and it was UP 2 lbs, which was kind of a bummer, but I think I know why...and there's not much I can do about THAT, lol.

I need to get up and tidy up around here a bit. I am watching E after school tomorrow. Shannon's got pep band after school, and then a it should be a nice relaxing night at least!


Rodriguezes in Central Asia said...

Hi Cindy, thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't stick with it as much as I'd like to, so sorry about that. I'll do better. But yes, we are in Almaty, Kazakhstan doing mission work for a year. We do not have a post explaining our adventure due to sensitivity. My husband is are working with college students and I am working as a PE teacher at a missionary kids school. We are having a blast. Every day is an adventure. And I am also doing the SHRED workout with you! It's been difficult but I am loving the results thus far, keep it up! I will try to update my blog more often, thanks again for stopping by!

Kate said...

I'm sorry your day was so lousy. Its good that your boss is in your corner though. Whatever is going on, that has to ease the burden at least a smidge.

Good luck in your decision making. I will say a prayer for you, that you have clarity in your choice.

I started Level 2 tonight and I feel SO DISCOURAGED. So many of the exercises were too hard for me to do and I feel like giving up. But I won't. I felt this way on Day 1 of level 1 and I pushed through.

Keep on, girlfriend!

Carrie said...

Hi Cindy! Thanks for checking out my blog!!! I just now started level 3 of the is intense! I think when I posted about day 18, I was just so tired. You know when you are tired and you exercise because you know you should-that kind of hurt. Keep with it! I think it's so worth it! Where else can you get a really good workout for only 20 minutes?!?! I only wish there were 30 separate workouts to make it interesting! Best of luck! I'll check back!