Thursday, January 7, 2010

Spelling Bee Update

She won!!! I am SO proud of her!!!

I was thinking about it this morning, and with the exception of 4th grade when she was absent with scarlet fever...she has been in the school bee every year, and won every year! She is quite a kid. (For those of you who are new to reading my blog...Shannon is newly 13, and in 7th grade.)

I thought the words were hard this year. Here are the words Shannon spelled:

*hazmat (which I didn't realize was actually a "word")

This is when it got down to two spellers, and then Shannon's words were:

*unsentimental (the other speller missed this, so Shan did it, and then won with....)

The "poetic justice" for today was that there was this kid in there that was just a total showoff and acting like an ass. Seriously, he was so annoying. He got out in round 2, on the word "immature." Ha! So then, to have Shannon win with "humility" was sweet.


drea said...

Oh my goodness, I always admire people that can spell... especially so young. I am so not a speller, it's really embarrassing.

Bravo to Shannon!


Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Some of those words I would have to think about and more than likely miss, hehe!!

Andrea said...

Yeah...Congratulations!! That is awesome and those are some hard words!!!

HD said...

Yay, congrats, that's awesome!!!