Saturday, January 2, 2010

First steps

I accomplished pretty much everything I wanted to today. Really, the only thing that I didn't completely finish was my sister's surprise. I need to write a letter to include with it, and then box it up to mail on Monday. (I did stop by the PO and get a box though...woot!)

I got back into my Wii Active 30 day Challenge today. On the days it gives me "off," I'll either do our elliptical, yoga, or pilates. I keep hearing about the 30 Day Shred, and would love to try it...but I don't have, this will have to do, lol! The Wii Active lady kept pissing me off tonight though. I would be doing exactly the right thing and it'd say I was going too slow, or something. I was like "what the heck?!?" Maybe my sensor was in the wrong place or something. But geez...don't yell at me when I'm finally trying to do the right thing! ;-)

I have been sleeping SO terribly the past few days. Literally, lying awake ALL night, and then wanting to sleep all morning. Finally yesterday and today, I'm forcing myself back into a normal schedule. The good news? Tonight, I'm tired! Hopefully this will be the night that I sleep all night, and wake up raring to go. If nothing else, I will be watching E on Monday and then go back to work on Tuesday. That will get me back on track.

It was super freezing today. (Well, for Atlanta, lol.) The warmest I ever saw it was 34 degrees, and it was WINDY. Brrrr! I actually saw a chance of snow in our forecast later this week. Please, oh please, oh please! Let it snow!

OK. I'm gonna go snuggle up with Patrick and finish this movie and then try to SLEEP! More tomorrow.

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