Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not a quitter...but

I love doing The Shred. And I love the results it's bringing. But I have to be honest...it's a bit too intense of a work out for me right now. I know the people on The Biggest Loser show are even less in shape and I am, and work out harder and longer than this DVD...but I'm not them. I still have a family to take care of, and a job to go to, etc...and I don't have massage and physical therapists to take care of me each night. Each time I do the DVD, I physically hurt and feel run down for days afterward.

I am going to work on building my fitness level and stamina by doing my elliptical machine and walking. I think I may even throw in some Shred workouts once or twice a week, because I really do love them.

I am wanting to continue to work out and get healthier...but trying to force myself to Shred EVERY day is actually having the opposite effect!

I hope you all will continue to support me...but I'm sorry to drop out of the 30 Day Challenge.


Amber Stoneburner said...

Cindy girl, do what is best for you hon! Don't apologize for not doing the 30 days, if it isn't right for you right now, that is ok! I will totally support you in your weight loss! What ever capacity is right for you go for it! You can do this!

Kate said...

I had to take a break from it too because I began to think it was damaging my knees. I feel like a quitter. And my eating is been off these last few days as well.
I need to get back on track but I have no motivation.

Rachel said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the advice and encouragement. Good luck with your fitness goals. It sounds like you've got a good plan going.

HD said...

Don't worry about it not being the Shred-it's about being active. Keep it up!