Sunday, January 3, 2010

Small victories

So it's all about taking steps, right? Some forward, and admittedly...some backward.

Steps forward:

My sister's surprise is all ready to go. I'll drop it off tomorrow on the way to preschool. I'm watching E tomorrow, and we're going up to school to take down December stuff and put up January. I'll do a bit of prepwork too. Shannon doesn't go back to school until Tuesday, so I'm enlisting her help as well.

Bible study went great tonight. We had a little group, so the big kids came in with my little guys and we did Romans 12 together. We were talking about gratitude and God's grace. Very nice.

Steps backward:

Today we didn't go to church. This is a problem for me. I struggle with the motivation to go, and I know how horrible that sounds. I'm not sure what the hold up is. Shannon is going through Confirmation this year, and we're committed to making sure that SHE gets there, and I KNOW that we need to be going too...but somewhere there is a disconnect. Working on it.

While at Bible Study, one of the bigger girls was telling about some cookies she ate today. It was those Heath Bar Cookies that you make with saltine crackers, etc. I ADORE those, and I'd forgotten all about them. Usually I make a batch over Christmas break, and somehow it just totally escaped me this year. I stopped on the way home, bought the ingredients and made them with Shan tonight. So yeah, we didn't exercise tonight. We ate cookies. Back on track tomorrow. That's what it's all about right? You just keep trying.

And now for some cute! The other night...let's see, New Year's Eve snowed here! SO exciting! We live outside Atlanta, so while we get *a little* snow each year, it hardly EVER amounts to anything. We get SO tickled every time we see it. Shannon brought Rosie (our chihuahua) out into the snow...aren't they sweet?

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