Monday, January 18, 2010

Three is better than two

I just love three day weekends. They're soooo much better than your standard two day weekend. First you have a total DO NOTHING day. Then you get your busy errand day, and finally your church and get ready for the week day! Just perfect. Ahhhh.

Today was nice. E and E were here all day. We played barbies, horses, Lego Batman for Wii, built a huge fort, had a pampas grass battle in the front yard, colored with sidewalk chalk, and read books! Phew!

I am one of five girls supplying lunch for our preschool staff meeting tomorrow, so after they left, Patrick and I made 15 POUNDS of taco meat and two dozen chocolate cupcakes. We grocery shopped and worked out, too! No wonder I'm tired!!!

Today's Shred (Day 12) was hard, but manageable! Yay! I was planning to go back to Level 1 today, but I decided at the last minute to push through and stick with Level 2...and surprisingly, I was better able to keep up! No cursing, and no crying! Woot!

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Alison said...

way to go and stick with level 2.